Making Changes to Timber Frame Home Plans

Okay, so you found just the right plan. Wait a minute…the bedroom is a little small and you need two closets…the kitchen needs wall ovens…more/less windows. Well, it’s almost the right plan. What do you do now?

No, you don’t have to keep looking and hope to find that perfect plan. These plans are a starting place. Truth is…no one ever builds their timber frame home just like it looks on the Internet. These plans were designed to get you close, to move you in the right direction. Whether the revisions be large or small, you need to make the plan you use your very own by thinking about the way you live.


So, how do you start that process? You print out the plan and live with it for a few days. You get some input from friends and family and you even give us a call at Goshen Timber Frames and TimberStead to discuss the impact of your changes and to get an idea about the cost impact of the revisions.

It’s much easier to grow a plan than to shrink it. You can make rooms larger, add rooms, change the use of a room, grow a home up and down. There are opportunities to make a home smaller. Removing a wing, making rooms smaller or not having space upstairs will give you less square footage, but that won’t always save a large amount of money. Since you’ll still have a kitchen and one or more bathrooms, the cost to reduce space will save money, but not in relation to “cost per square foot”.  If you are revising the plan to save money, be sure to consider the savings as you discuss the changes with your team.

As you revise your plan, think about the way you live and about revisions that will make your home more comfortable. The perfect home lives well and is beautiful.Bathtubs have become casualties of many a budget and offer a great opportunity to downsize a bathroom (or to make a shower larger). While every home should have at least one bathtub…often a tub shower combination in a guest bathroom)… if you don’t use a bathtub, don’t take up room in your master bathroom with one. This gives you more flexibility to have the amenities that matter to you.

So, look at plans, but don’t expect to find “your” new home plan.  Making changes to timber frame home plans is not a difficult process.  Look at them for inspiration and choose one that is closest to your dream home, then make it yours.

And if we can help in any way, just drop us an email at or give me a call at 828-524-8662.

Thank you,   Bonnie Pickartz





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