Planning Your Retirement Home

Retirement homes are more than a dream and a move to the mountains, or back home, or to the country.  Retirement homes should allow you to live comfortably for many years.  They space should be comfortable and support your lifestyle today and in the future.

Your new home doesn’t have to be larger to be accessible.  Plan for wide (or no) hallways, wide doors, and flexible space.  By minimizing or eliminating halls and bearing walls, you can actually build a smaller, more manageable home.

Should your master suite be upstairs or on the first floor?  It really doesn’t matter.  If you want to have a quiet bedroom upstairs for now, you can do some things to plan for the future.  You can also have a bedroom on the first floor and, if life takes you down that path, move your master bedroom downstairs in the future.  You can install a personal elevator when you build or you can plan the space to accommodate an elevator should you need it.

Maintenance can be an issue as we age.  Look for materials that will withstand the test of time.  There are lots of options for siding and roofing today that will last for many years with little or now maintenance.  Consider all of your options and discuss the choices with your designer and builder.

Planning your retirement home should be considered an adventure, a journey.  Plan carefully, taking advantage of ideas and plans that others have used.  Then make your retirement home YOUR retirement home and move forward.


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