TimberStead – What Our House Plans Include

It’s never been easier to buy a timber frame home plan. Just select the format and any additional options and the plans will be on their way to you. These plans have been developed to be energy efficient and sustainable. Designed with structural insulated panels, they are quickly constructed and offer exceptional energy efficiency.  Click here to view a full set of TimberStead plans.

We offer optional plan revisions, engineering services nationwide (through our partners), and mirrored plans. All plans are copyright protected and sold to build one time only. However, we do have pricing for multiple use. Just contact us to discuss your project.

Today, more than ever, it is more important to build an energy efficient, sustainable home. A timber framed home defines green, energy efficiency, and sustainability. These homes, with exposed timbers and open floor plans, provide living space that has exceptional character, extraordinary beauty, and maximum flexibility. The energy efficient panel enclosure package ensures that the resources needed to heat and cool your home will be kept to a minimum. Earth friendly, budget friendly. Whether you chose one of our smaller timber frame floor plans or a home plan that provides larger living, a Timberstead timber frame home plan will serve you well.

TimberStead Plans are considered a “builder’s set” with details that would allow most builders to successfully construct the home. They are designed to meet residential building codes in effect when they were designed, but local and state building departments may require adaptation by the local builder.
Cover Sheet with plan summary, index of drawings, general project specifications, general notes, and your name and address.

Timber Frame Plan – Timber frame plans with timber sizing, bent, assembly, wall, brace, truss design. Timber layout for roof framing and second floor framing. Timber frame drawings include both reference and non-reference drawings, but do not include detailed joinery since the timber frame company and each engineer will specify their own joinery details.

Foundation Plans vary by the plan selected (but we can provide an alternate foundation). The foundation (typically basement, crawlspace, or slab) includes all dimensions, specifications, and notations.

Exterior Elevations of the front, rear, left and right sides of the home. These elevations include roof pitch(es), heights, and exterior material finishes.

Floor Plans include all interior wall layouts, dimensioned rooms, kitchen/bath/laundry schematics, window schedule, timber frame post locations.

Electrical Plan for each level, garage, and porches with suggested locations for lighting, switches, outlets. Final electrical layout should be approved by a licensed electrician.

Typical Sections and Details may include but are not limited to foundation details, rake details, eave details, dormer details, and cross sections.
First Floor Post Locations and Loading Notes. Locations for all timber posts for layout on the subfloor or slab and assumed loading for posts.