TimberStead – License & Copyright Information


All TimberStead home plans are copyright protected under the Federal Copyright Act, Title XVII of the United States Code. TimberStead and Goshen Timber Frames retain ownership of the original plan and any derivative works .

Copyright infringement is a serious issue. The responsible parties are required to pay actual damages (which may be substantial) plus any profits made. The copyright law also allows the designer to recover statutory damages which can be as high as $150,000. Finally, the infringer can be required to pay reasonable attorney fees which often exceed the damages.

License Rights and Obligations

Licensee has the rights, upon payment to TimberStead and execution of License Agreement based on the plan package purchased to build the home one time. The house plan may not be resold or for any project other than that noted in the License Agreement.

All TimberStead plans are not to be copied, modified, or constructed without the written consent of TimberStead. Licensee agrees to build in compliance with all local building codes, regulations, and requirements. TimberStead home plans meet the national residential codes in place at the time the design was created. Because of local codes and continuing changes in local code, the home plan may need to be revised to comply with codes in your area.

TimberStead recommends you use a design professional or engineer to make any modifications to the plans. TimberStead can give you a quote for any modifications or can refer you to an engineer registered in your state who is conversant with timber frame design.

Modifications to the plans do not compromise the copyrights of TimberStead. Derivative plans (modified) are the property of TimberStead and to use the plan again, a re-use fee will apply. Multiple use fees are available contact TimberStead for information.